2 MFN tariffs, preferential tariffs offered under the ATIGA and other Agreements of ASEAN with its Dialogue Partners

This section provides information on the tariffs applies by ASEAN Member States to their trading partners. As Members of the WTO, ASEAN Member States have made specific commitments, in the form of tariff concessions and other commitments, in the context of WTO negotiations (i.e., MFN tariffs).
In addition, ASEAN Member States have also undertook additional, more favourable, tariff concessions and other commitments in the context of the ASEAN framework, vis-à-vis other ASEAN Member States (through the ATIGA) and ASEAN Dialogue Partners.
This section provides information concerning:

  • MFN tariffs applied by ASEAN Member States, which are the tariff concessions negotiated and agreed upon within the WTO framework;
  • Tariff concessions applicable pursuant to the ATIGA; and
  • Tariff concessions applicable pursuant to the free trade agreements in place with Dialogue Partners.