The ASEAN Trade Repository (ATR) provides a single point of access to all the trade-related information of ASEAN Member States. The ATR is an ASEAN-level IT interface linked by means of hyperlinks to a series of interoperable National Trade Repositories (NTRs) that provide and maintain the national-level trade related information and the actual contents.
The trade-related information accessible through the ATR is organized on the basis of nine ‘topics’ in line with Article 13 of the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA). All the actual information is available on NTRs of the ASEAN Member States and duly maintained by their respective Governments.
The information found on the ATR is accessible both by ‘topic’ and by ‘country’ (i.e., the ten ASEAN Member States). The nine ‘topics’ are the following:

  • Tariff nomenclature;
  • MFN tariffs, preferential tariffs offered under the ATIGA and other Agreements of ASEAN with its Dialogue Partners;
  • Rules of origin;
  • Non-tariff measures;
  • National trade and customs laws and rules;
  • Procedures and documentary requirements;
  • Administrative rulings;
  • Best practices in trade facilitation; and
  • List of authorised economic operators.
The structure of the ATR allows, for each topic, to retrieve the trade-related information sought in each ASEAN Member State.
The ATR also includes a link to the webpage of the ASEAN Consultation to Solve Trade and Investment Issues.