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ASEAN General Principles and Requirements for Food Hygiene / ACFCR 2

General Principles lay a firm foundation for ensuring food hygiene and should be used in conjunction with each specific code of hygienic practice, where appropriate,…  [More Details+]

ASEAN Guidelines for Food Import Control Systems:2014 / ACFCR 3

This document provides a framework for the development and operation of an import control system to protect consumers and facilitate fair practices in food trade…  [More Details+]

ASEAN Guidelines for the Design, Operation, Assessment and Accreditation of Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification Systems:2014 / ACFCR 4

These guidelines provide a framework for the development of import and export inspection and certification systems consistent with the Principles for Food Import and Export…  [More Details+]

ASEAN Principles and Guidelines for Food Control Systems / ACFCR 1

This document provides guidance to national governments in the design, development, operation, evaluation and improvement of the national food control system. It highlights the key…  [More Details+]

ASEAN Principles for Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification:2014 / ACFCR 5

Official and officially recognized inspection and certification systems are fundamentally important and very widely used means of food control; the following principles apply to such…  [More Details+]


This standard applies to commercial varieties of turmeric grown from Curcuma longa L. or Curcuma domastica Valeton. of the Zingiberaceae family to be supplied fresh…  [More Details+]