Harmonisation of Standards in ASEAN

The Harmonisation of Standards is undertaken by the Sectoral Groups in ASEAN. Working Group 1 under the ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standards and Quality (ACCSQ) coordinates the on-going harmonisation of standards. This work is governed by the ASEAN Guidelines for Harmonisation of Standards that have been adopted by the ACCSQ.

The harmonisation of the Standards is undertaken with the objectives of reduction of technical barriers to trade and to support the implementation of Mutual Recognition Arrangements and of harmonised regulatory regimes between ASEAN Member States.

The ASEAN Guidelines for Harmonisation of Standards (Click to download full text of the guidelines) provide details on the selection of standards for harmonisation, the methods used for the harmonisation and the parties responsible. The guidelines additionally provide guidance for the adoption of the harmonised standards by ASEAN Member States.

The harmonised standards are divided into 2 categories:

  • Category I:  Standards that are referenced in ASEAN mutual recognition arrangements MRAs, harmonised regulatory regimes and other initiatives or instruments adopted by ASEAN to remove technical barriers to trade barriers. Mandatory compliance to these standards will usually be required by Member States’ legislation;
  • Category II:  Standards that are for products not related to mutual recognition or ASEAN Harmonised Regulatory Regimes.
Users are advised to confirm the national adoption of the harmonised standards from the national standards bodies of ASEAN Member States.

Links to National Standards Bodies of ASEAN Member States:
Brunei Darussalam: Authority for Building Control and Construction Industry (ABCI)
Cambodia: Institute of Standards of Cambodia (ISC)
Indonesia: Badan Standardasi Indonesia
Lao PDR: Department of Intellectual Property, Standardization and Metrology (DISM)
Malaysia: Department of Standards Malaysia
Myanmar: Myanmar Scientific and Technological Research Department (MSTRD)
Philippines: Bureau of Product Standards (BPS)
Singapore: Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board
Thailand: Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI)
Vietnam: Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality of Viet Nam (STAMEQ)
The database contains the all the standards that ASEAN Sectoral Groups have agreed to harmonise and additionally the Category of the standard, the title of any related ASEAN MRA or Harmonised Regulatory Regime and also a link to the publisher or distributor for procurement of the particular standard. It should be noted that as these standards are mostly adopted documents and may be subject to copyright protection. 

[Download ASEAN Guidelines for Harmonisation of Standards.pdf]